work’s titleCharlie Chaplin

Imagination means nothing without doing.


In this collection (portraits) we have tried to connect the subject of history and the presence of characters in the context of events with art.

Some nineteenth-century historians, including Thomas Carlyle, have focused on the centrality of individuals and characters in the context of history. Although we do not seek to deny human history and the history of the masses, we do not deny the constructive presence of characters.

In this collection, we have depicted a number of political, scientific and literary figures of the twentieth century with the focus on events, interests and their personal lives and we have emphasized a single artistic style and in each of them. For example, In “Che Guevara” artwork, since he is known as a revolutionary element, we’ve also tried to create a revolutionary spirit by combining the styles of “graffiti, street art and pop art”.

For us, combining important historical events with elements of people’s personal lives was an excuse to distance myself from stereotypes and take a holistic view of the issue. The element of culture and social life in which people lived was the third component for me in drawing these works.


Type: Physical Painting
Dimensions: 180 cm x 180 cm
Technique: Mixed-Media on Wood
Materials: Wood, Acrylic colors